sistema oled


  • PMOLED,AMOLED on Glass & Wafer.
  • Mono, Area, Full Color Lighting.


Sample Size 4inch ~(Optional)
Tact Time 20~80min Depends in the number of mask
Loading Capacity Glass 1sheet. Mask 4Sheet
Transfer Method Vacuum Robot
Vacuum Performance Deposition <2E-7 Torr
Alignment accuracy Mechanical less than ±5um
Evaporation source for organic 5ea, 10cc for host,4cc for dopant
Evaporation source for metal 2ea Thermal source, E-Beam is optional
Deposition Uniformity Organic, Metal, Sputter less than ±3%
Max.Deposition Rate Organic 5A/sec, Metal 10A/sec
Rate Accuracy Organic ±5%, Metal ±7%
Thickness reliability Organic & Metal ±5% glass to glass
Doping ratio Less than 1% at 1A/sec of host
Conductive Oxide Low Damage Sputtering(FTS or general Sputter
Thin Film Passivation Parylene coating & inoirganic coating
Glove Box H2O, O2, less than 0.1ppm
Full automation system (Option).