• High performance Photo-Mask cleaner Manual system.
  • This very reliable and cost effective system utilizes a proven Pressure de-ionized Water or Atomizing Mist Nozzle.
  • The Effective Drying technique uses High Spin Speeds and Nitrogen Assist.
  • Square size 5” up to 7”.
  • A genetic nerve-networking system using PC.
  • The software feature enhances with specialized hardware gives high process performance.

    Software Benefit

  • Traceable system and operation history.
  • Operation error-free, production integrated recipe selection.
  • Paperless pass-down through e-log with light indication.
  • Production summary: Lot history.
  • Comprehensive alarm management.
  • Teach-mode calibration.
  • Single/Continuous component exercise.
  • Single module manual operation: Module recipe tuning.
  • Unlimited flow recipes and attachable module recipes.

    Module Controller Benefits

  • Distributed PC & PLC module controller.
  • Interrupt controller and watchdog timer.
  • PLC expandable I/O.
  • 4 serial ports, 2 with RS232/422/485.
  • Simplified signal wiring.
  • 3 colors tower lamp.
  • Modular utility monitoring.
  • Easier OEM interface.

    Enhanced Hardware Benefit

  • Oscillating Nitrogen Blow-off Arm.
  • Fan Tip Nozzle (Spray Jet).
  • Oscillating D.I.W Pressure Spray Arm.
  • Oscillating Brush Arm (optional).
  • Radial Down-draft Exhaust/Drain.
  • Chamber Liner.
  • Brush Height Adjustment Knob (optional).
  • Built-in Safety Interlocks and Positive Lid.
  • Locking During Process Cycle.


System Basic Distributed module controller
Size Mask 5″-6″-7″ square
Mask handling Manual
Mask contact & Holder PFA, SST
Position accuracy ≤ 0.1 mm
Maximum spin speed 5000 rpm (5.500 rpm without mask)
Spin speed accuracy ≤ 2 rpm
Acceleration range 0-30000 rmp/sec
Acceleration accuracy ≤5%
Spin direction Clockwise (+) & Counter clockwise (-)
Spin Motor Heavy-Duty-Servo 3Ø PM
(ICS: 5, 62Amps, TCS: 2,88Nm, Nrtd : 5500rpm, PRTD : 1,3KW)