Designed to meet the advanced process requirements of today’s thin film researcher. It is fully customizable and can even be combined as part of a multi-system configuration. Thermal resistance evaporation capacity, sputtering deposition, electron beam evaporation, ion beam deposition.

    Process capabilities

  • Resistive thermal evaporation.
  • Sputter deposition.
  • Electron beam evaporation.
  • Ion assisted deposition.
  • Custom available.


  • Angstrom advanced PC based software system control.
  • Aluminum or stainless steel chamber options.
  • Custom designed to meet your process requirements.
  • Support for multiple PVD processes.
  • Glove box integration option.
  • 1600mm x 1000mm system footprint.
  • 475mm x 475mm x 500mm tall chamber with sliding and hinged door options.
  • International input voltages available.
  • Recipe based advanced multi-layer deposition control with user logon control.
  • Sequential or co-deposition.
  • Standard fixturing supports up to 300mm diameter please contact us for assistance with larger substrate sizes.
  • Factory training included with every system.
  • Our detailed training manual teaches new users how to operate and maintain the equipment.
  • User safety is held paramount with features such as cutting power to sources when the chamber is open.
  • 1-Year warranty with responsive and caring customer service.


  • Rotary vane or dry scroll rough pump options.
  • High vacuum provided by turbo pump or cryo pump.
  • Pneumatic air line filter prevents unwanted debris from reaching and damaging critical components.
  • Easy access system interior with hinged electrical panel.


  • Shadow Mask and substrate alignment fixturing is available.
  • Sensors are rigidly mounted to ensure calibration is maintained.
  • In co-deposition configurations QCM sensors are carefully isolated to ensure there is no interference from adjacent source material.
  • Stainless steel isolation shields help to protect sources from cross contamination.
  • Substrate heating, cooling and biasing available.
  • Inclined angle deposition and planetary motion available.